Library for electric machines


For a discrimination of various machine models, see discrimination.

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Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Name Description
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.UsersGuide UsersGuide User's Guide
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Examples Examples Test examples
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.BasicMachines BasicMachines Basic machine models
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Sensors Sensors Sensors for machine modelling
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.SpacePhasors SpacePhasors Library with space phasor-models
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Losses Losses Loss models for electric machines
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Thermal Thermal Library with models for connecting thermal models
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Interfaces Interfaces SpacePhasor connector and PartialMachines
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Icons Icons Icons for electrical machines
Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Utilities Utilities Library with auxiliary models for testing
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