Simple components for 1-dimensional incompressible thermo-fluid flow models


This package contains very simple-to-use components to model coolant flows as needed to simulate cooling e.g., of electric machines:

Variables used in connectors:

EnthalpyFlowRate means the Enthalpy = cpconstant * m * T that is carried by the medium's flow.

Limitations and assumptions:

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Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Name Description
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.UsersGuide UsersGuide User's Guide
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Examples Examples Examples that demonstrate the usage of the FluidHeatFlow components
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Components Components Basic components (pipes, valves)
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Media Media Medium properties
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Sensors Sensors Ideal sensors to measure port properties
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Sources Sources Ideal fluid sources, e.g., ambient, volume flow
Modelica.Thermal.FluidHeatFlow.Interfaces Interfaces Connectors and partial models
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