Interfaces of components requiring a tool specific implementation


This package contains interfaces of a set of functions and models used in the Modelica Standard Library that requires a tool specific implementation. There is an associated package called ModelicaServices. A tool vendor should provide a proper implementation of this library for the corresponding tool. The default implementation is "do nothing". In the Modelica Standard Library, the models and functions of ModelicaServices are used.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.InternalPackage (Icon for an internal package (indicating that the package should not be directly utilized by user)).

Package Content

Name Description
Modelica.Utilities.Internal.PartialModelicaServices.Animation Animation Models and functions for 3-dim. animation
Modelica.Utilities.Internal.PartialModelicaServices.ExternalReferences ExternalReferences Functions to access external resources
Modelica.Utilities.Internal.PartialModelicaServices.System System System dependent functions
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