Package Modelica.​Constants
Library of mathematical constants and constants of nature (e.g., pi, eps, R, sigma)


This package provides often needed constants from mathematics, machine dependent constants and constants from nature. The latter constants (name, value, description) are from the following source:

Peter J. Mohr, David B. Newell, and Barry N. Taylor:
CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants: 2014., 2015. See also

CODATA is the Committee on Data for Science and Technology.

Main Author:
Martin Otter
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)
Postfach 1116
D-82230 Weßling

Copyright © 1998-2018, Modelica Association and contributors

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Package Constants

final Velocityc2.99792458e+8Speed of light in vacuum
final RealD2R0.005555555555556 * piDegree to Radian
final RealeModelica.Math.exp(1) 
final RealepsModelicaServices.​Machine.​epsBiggest number such that 1.0 + eps = 1.0
final Realepsilon_0(mue_0 * c * c) ^ (-1)Electric constant
final FaradayConstantF96485.33289Faraday constant, C/mol (previous value: 9.64853399e4)
final RealG6.67408e-11Newtonian constant of gravitation (previous value: 6.6742e-11)
final Accelerationg_n9.80665Standard acceleration of gravity on earth
final Realgamma0.577215664901533see
final Realh6.62607004e-34Planck constant (previous value: 6.6260693e-34)
final RealinfModelicaServices.​Machine.​infBiggest Real number such that inf and -inf are representable on the machine
final IntegerInteger_infModelicaServices.​Machine.​Integer_infBiggest Integer number such that Integer_inf and -Integer_inf are representable on the machine
final Realk1.38064852e-23Boltzmann constant (previous value: 1.3806505e-23)
final Realmue_04 * pi * (1e-7)Magnetic constant
final RealN_A6.022140857e+23Avogadro constant (previous value: 6.0221415e23)
final Realpi2 * Modelica.Math.asin(1) 
final ElectricChargeqModelica.Constants.F / Modelica.Constants.N_AElementary charge (electron charge without sign) = 1.602177e-19 C
final RealR8.3144598Molar gas constant (previous value: 8.314472)
final RealR2D180 / piRadian to Degree
final Realsigma5.670367e-8Stefan-Boltzmann constant (previous value: 5.670400e-8)
final RealsmallModelicaServices.​Machine.​smallSmallest number such that small and -small are representable on the machine
final Temperature_degCT_zero-273.15Absolute zero temperature

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