This package contains examples that demonstrate the usage of the components of the Electrical.Analog library.

The examples are simple to understand. They will show a typical behavior of the components, and they will give hints to users.


Name Description
 CauerLowPassAnalog Cauer low pass filter with analog components
 CauerLowPassOPV Cauer low pass filter with operational amplifiers
 CauerLowPassSC Cauer low-pass filter with operational amplifiers and switched capacitors
 CharacteristicIdealDiodes Characteristic of ideal diodes
 CharacteristicThyristors Characteristic of ideal thyristors
 ChuaCircuit Chua's circuit, ns, V, A
 DifferenceAmplifier Simple NPN transistor amplifier circuit
 HeatingMOSInverter Heating MOS Inverter
 HeatingNPN_OrGate Heating NPN Or Gate
 HeatingPNP_NORGate Heating PNP NOR Gate
 HeatingResistor Heating resistor
 HeatingRectifier Heating rectifier
 NandGate CMOS NAND Gate (see Tietze/Schenk, page 157)
 OvervoltageProtection Example for Zener diodes
 Rectifier B6 diode bridge
 ShowSaturatingInductor Simple demo to show behaviour of SaturatingInductor component
 ShowVariableResistor Simple demo of a VariableResistor model
 SwitchWithArc Comparison of switch models both with and without arc
 ThyristorBehaviourTest Thyristor demonstration example
 AmplifierWithOpAmpDetailed Simple Amplifier circuit which uses OpAmpDetailed
 CompareTransformers Transformer circuit to show the magnetization facilities
 ControlledSwitchWithArc Comparison of controlled switch models both with and without arc
 SimpleTriacCircuit Simple triac test circuit
 IdealTriacCircuit Ideal triac test circuit
 AD_DA_conversion Conversion circuit
 GenerationOfFMUs Example to demonstrate variants to generate FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units)
 ResonanceCircuits Resonance circuits: example to demonstrate generation of FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units)
 InvertingAmp Inverting amplifier
 OpAmps Examples with operational amplifiers
 Utilities Utility components used by package Examples


Main Authors:
Christoph Clauß <christoph@clauss-it.com>
André Schneider <Andre.Schneider@eas.iis.fraunhofer.de>
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
Design Automation Department
Zeunerstraße 38
D-01069 Dresden

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