This package contains connectors and interfaces (partial models) for analog electrical components. The partial models contain typical combinations of pins, and internal variables which are often used. Furthermore, the thermal heat port is in this package which can be included by inheritance.


Name Description
 Pin Pin of an electrical component
 PositivePin Positive pin of an electrical component
 NegativePin Negative pin of an electrical component
 TwoPin Component with two electrical pins
 OnePort Component with two electrical pins p and n and current i from p to n
 TwoPort Component with two electrical ports, including current
 ConditionalHeatPort Partial model to include a conditional HeatPort in order to describe the power loss via a thermal network
 AbsoluteSensor Base class to measure the absolute value of a pin variable
 RelativeSensor Base class to measure a relative variable between two pins
 VoltageSource Interface for voltage sources
 CurrentSource Interface for current sources
 IdealSemiconductor Ideal semiconductor
 IdealSwitch Ideal electrical switch
 IdealSwitchWithArc Ideal switch with simple arc model


Main Authors:
Christoph Clauß <christoph@clauss-it.com>
André Schneider <Andre.Schneider@eas.iis.fraunhofer.de>
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
Design Automation Department
Zeunerstraße 38
D-01069 Dresden

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