This package contains utility components for testing examples.


Name Description
 ParameterRecords Parameter records
 VfController Voltage-Frequency-Controller
 ToDQ Transform instantaneous stator inputs to rotor fixed space phasor
 FromDQ Transform rotor fixed space phasor to instantaneous stator quantities
 CurrentController Current controller
 VoltageController Voltage controller
 SwitchYD Y-D-switch
 TerminalBox Terminal box Y/D-connection
 MultiTerminalBox Terminal box Y/D-connection
 SwitchedRheostat Rheostat which is shortened after a given time
 RampedRheostat Rheostat with linearly decreasing resistance
 SynchronousMachineData Computes machine parameter from usual datasheet
 TransformerData Calculates Impedances from nominal values


Main Authors:
Anton Haumer
Technical Consulting & Electrical Engineering
D-93049 Regensburg
email: a.haumer@haumer.at

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