1. Basic usage of medium model
  2. Medium model for a balance volume
  3. Medium model for a pressure loss
  4. Optional medium properties
  5. Constants provided by medium model
  6. Two-phase media
  7. Initialization

A good demonstration how to use the media from Modelica.Media is given in package ModelicaTest.Media.TestsWithFluid. Under Modelica.Media.Examples.Utilities the most basic components of a Fluid library are defined. Additional media models with some very simple piping networks can be found in the ModelicaTest library under ModelicaTest.Media.TestsWithFluid.MediaTestModels.


Name Description
 BasicUsage Basic usage
 BalanceVolume Balance volume
 ShortPipe Short pipe
 OptionalProperties Optional properties
 Constants Constants
 TwoPhase Two-phase media
 Initialization Initialization

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