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User's Guide of Media Library


Library Modelica.Media is a free Modelica package providing a standardized interface to fluid media models and specific media models based on this interface. A fluid medium model defines algebraic equations for the intensive thermodynamic variables used in the mass and energy balance of component models. Optionally, additional medium properties can be computed such as dynamic viscosity or thermal conductivity. Medium models are defined for single and multiple substance fluids with one and multiple phases.

A large part of the library provides specific medium models that can be directly utilized. This library can be used in all types of Modelica fluid libraries that may have different connectors and design philosophies. It is particularly utilized in the Modelica_Fluid library (the Modelica_Fluid library is currently under development to provide 1D therm-fluid flow components for single and multiple substance flow with one and multiple phases). The Modelica.Media library has the following main features:

This User's Guide has the following main parts:

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Package Contents

MediumDefinitionMedium definition
MediumUsageMedium usage
ReleaseNotesRelease notes

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Release notes


Version included in Modelica 3.0

See top-level release notes for MSL.

Version 1.0, 2005-03-01

Many improvements in the library, e.g., providing mixtures of the ideal gases, table based media, test suite for all media, improved and updated User's Guide.

Version 0.9, 2004-10-18

Version 0.792, 2003-10-28

This is the first version made available for the public for the Modelica'2003 conference (for evaluation).

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Library officer and main author

Hubertus Tummescheit
Modelon AB
Ideon Science Park
SE-22730 Lund, Sweden


The development of this library has been a collaborative effort and many have contributed:

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