Output the square root of the input (= principal square root of complex number)


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This blocks computes the output y as square root of the input u (= principal square root of the complex input). Optionally, the input u can be processed conjugate complex, when parameter useConjugateInput is true. Depending on useConjugateInput the internal signal uInternal represents either the original or the conjugate complex input signal.

    y = sqrt(uInternal);

Parameters (1)


Value: false

Type: Boolean

Description: If true, input is processed conjugate complex

Connectors (2)


Type: ComplexInput

Description: Connector of Complex input signal


Type: ComplexOutput

Description: Connector of Complex output signal

Components (1)


Type: Complex

Description: Equals either u or conjugate complex input u if useComplexInput = true