Extract signals from an input signal vector


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Extract signals from the input connector and transfer them to the output connector.

The extracting scheme is given by the integer vector 'extract'. This vector specifies, which input signals are taken and in which order they are transferred to the output vector. Note, that the dimension of 'extract' has to match the number of outputs. Additionally, the dimensions of the input connector signals and the output connector signals have to be explicitly defined via the parameters 'nin' and 'nout'.


     nin = 7 "Number of inputs";
     nout = 4 "Number of outputs";
     extract[nout] = {6,3,3,2} "Extracting vector";

extracts four output signals (nout=4) from the seven elements of the input vector (nin=7):

   output no. 1 is set equal to input no. 6
   output no. 2 is set equal to input no. 3
   output no. 3 is set equal to input no. 3
   output no. 4 is set equal to input no. 2

Parameters (4)


Value: 1

Type: Integer

Description: Number of inputs


Value: 1

Type: Integer

Description: Number of outputs


Value: fill(false, nin)

Type: Boolean[nin]

Description: If true, inputs are processed conjugate complex


Value: 1:nout

Type: Integer[nout]

Description: Extracting vector

Connectors (2)


Type: ComplexInput[nin]

Description: Connector of Complex input signals


Type: ComplexOutput[nout]

Description: Connector of Complex output signals

Components (1)


Type: Complex[nin]

Description: Equals either u or conjugate complex input u if useComplexInput = true