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AC/DC converter concept


DC/AC converter concept


DC/DC converter concept




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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This library provides power converters for DC and AC single and multi phase electrical systems. The PowerConverters library contains three types of converters.

  • AC/DC converters (rectifiers)
  • DC/AC converters (inverters)
  • DC/DC converters

General types of AC/AC converters are currently not provided in this library.

Converter characteristics

  • All converter models rely on existing diode, thyristor and switch models provided in the Analog.Ideal and the MultiPhase.Ideal package of the Modelica Standard Library.
  • Switching losses and recovery effects are not considered
  • Only conduction losses are taken into account
  • The parameters of the semiconductors include
    • The on state resistance Ron
    • The off state conductance Goff
    • The knee voltage Vknee
  • Each converter is equipped with an optional heat port which can be enabled by the parameter useHeatPort; the heat ports of all semiconductors are connected, so all temperatures of all semiconductors are equal and the heat flow of the converter heat port is determined by the sum of all semiconductor heat flows
  • Each converter contains boolean firing inputs provides variables offStart... to specify the initial conditions of the off state of each semiconductor
  • The boolean firing signals are enabled either by means of the a parameter constantEnable or by a conditional signal input, enabled by useConstantEnable = false
  • The number of phases of multi phase converters is not restricted to three


General background knowledge on power converters and power electronics can be found in [Skvarenina01] and [Luo05]. A freely available book is available in [Williams2006].