Partial model to include a conditional substrate node


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This partial model provides a conditional heating port for the connection to a thermal network.

  • If useHeatPort is set to false (default), no heat port is available, and the thermal loss power flows internally to the ground. In this case, the parameter T specifies the fixed device temperature (the default for T = 20oC).
  • If useHeatPort is set to true, a heat port is available.

If this model is used, the loss power has to be provided by an equation in the model which inherits from ConditionalHeatingPort model (lossPower = ...). As device temperature T_heatPort can be used to describe the influence of the device temperature on the model behaviour.

Parameters (1)


Value: false

Type: Boolean

Description: =true, if SubstrateNode is enabled

Connectors (1)


Type: PositivePin

Extended by (1)



Bipolar junction transistor