Base properties of T dependent medium


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Note that the inner energy neglects the pressure dependence, which is only true for an incompressible medium with d = constant. The neglected term is p-reference_p)/rho*(T/rho)*(partial rho /partial T). This is very small for liquids due to proportionality to 1/d^2, but can be problematic for gases that are modeled incompressible.

It should be noted that incompressible media only have 1 state per control volume (usually T), but have both T and p as inputs for fully correct properties. The error of using only T-dependent properties is small, therefore a Boolean flag enthalpyOfT exists. If it is true, the enumeration Choices.independentVariables is set to Choices.independentVariables.T otherwise it is set to Choices.independentVariables.pT.

Enthalpy is never a function of T only (h = h(T) + (p-reference_p)/d), but the error is also small and non-linear systems can be avoided. In particular, non-linear systems are small and local as opposed to large and over all volumes.

Entropy is calculated as

  s = s0 + integral(Cp(T)/T,dt)

which is only exactly true for a fluid with constant density d=d0.

Parameters (3)


Value: false

Type: Boolean

Description: = true if StateSelect.prefer shall be used for the independent property variables of the medium


Value: true

Type: Boolean

Description: If true, and reducedX = true, the last element of X will be computed from the other ones


Value: 298.15

Type: Temperature (K)

Description: Initial temperature

Connectors (3)


Type: InputAbsolutePressure

Description: Absolute pressure of medium


Type: InputMassFraction[nXi]

Description: Structurally independent mass fractions


Type: InputSpecificEnthalpy

Description: Specific enthalpy of medium

Components (1)


Type: ThermodynamicState

Description: Thermodynamic state record for optional functions

Used in Examples (1)



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