Write Real matrix to a MATLAB MAT file


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.


success = Streams.writeRealMatrix(fileName, matrixName, matrix, append, format)


Function writeRealMatrix(..) writes the given matrix to a new or an existing MATLAB MAT file (in format v4, v6, v7, and if HDF is supported in the Modelica tool, also v7.3). If append = false (= default), the file is newly created (or an existing file is deleted and re-created). If append = true, the matrix is included in an existing file or if the file does not yet exists this flag is ignored. If the file exists and append = true, argument format is ignored.

Parameter format defines the format in which the values are stored on file. The following formats are supported:

format = Type of format
"4" MATLAB MAT version v4
"6" MATLAB MAT version v6
"7" MATLAB MAT version v7
"7.3"MATLAB MAT version v7.3
(requires HDF support in the Modelica tool)

The function returns success = true if the matrix was successfully written to file. Otherwise, an error message is printed and the function returns with success = false.


See Examples.WriteRealMatrixToFile.

See also

readMatrixSize, readRealMatrix


success = writeRealMatrix(fileName, matrixName, matrix, append, format)

Inputs (5)


Type: String

Description: File where external data is to be stored


Type: String

Description: Name / identifier of the 2D Real array on the file


Type: Real[:,:]

Description: 2D Real array


Default Value: false

Type: Boolean

Description: Append values to file


Default Value: "4"

Type: String

Description: MATLAB MAT file version: "4" -> v4, "6" -> v6, "7" -> v7

Outputs (1)


Type: Boolean

Description: true if successful