User's Guide of Utilities Library

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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Library Modelica.Utilities contains Modelica functions that are especially suited for scripting. Currently, only a rudimentary User's Guide is present. This will be improved in the next releases. The User's Guide has currently the following chapters:

  1. Release Notes summarizes the differences between different versions of this library.
  2. ImplementationNotes describes design decisions for this library especially for Modelica tool vendors.
  3. Contact provides information about the authors of the library as well as acknowledgments.

Error handling
In case of error, all functions in this library use a Modelica "assert(..)" to provide an error message and to cancel all actions. This means that functions do not return, if an error is triggered inside the function. In the near future, an exception handling mechanism will be introduced in Modelica that will allow to catch errors at a defined place.