This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Annotations for documentation


   annotation"(" Documentation "(" "info" "=" STRING
                            ["," "revisions" "=" STRING ] ")" ")"


The "Documentation" annotation can contain the "info" annotation giving a textual description, the "revisions" annotation giving a list of revisions and other annotations defined by a tool [The "revisions" documentation may be omitted in printed documentation]. How the tool interprets the information in "Documentation" is unspecified. Within a string of the "Documentation" annotation, the tags <HTML> and </HTML> or <html> and </html> define the start and end of content that is HTML encoded. Links to Modelica classes may be defined with the HTML link command using scheme "Modelica", e.g.,

    <a href="modelica://ExamplePackage.Tutorial">ExamplePackage.Tutorial</a>

Together with scheme "Modelica" the (URI) fragment specifiers #diagram, #info, #text, #icon may be used to reference different layers. Example:

   <a href="modelica://ExamplePackage.SimpleModel#info">SimpleModel</a>