This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

A model or block definition may contain the annotation defaultConnectionStructurallyInconsistent.


   annotation"(" defaultConnectionStructurallyInconsistent "=" ( false | true ) ")


If true, it is stated that a default connection will result in a structurally inconsistent model or block. A "default connection" is constructed by instantiating the respective model or block and for every input u providing an equation 0=f(u), and for every (potential,flow) pair of the form (v,i), providing an equation of the form 0=f(v,i).

Example usage

It is useful to check all models/blocks of a Modelica package in a simple way. One check is to default connect every model/block and to check whether the resulting class is structurally consistent (= a stronger requirement as "balanced").

It is rarely needed; but can be used for InverseBlockConstraints, in order to prevent a wrong error message. Additionally, when a user defined model is structurally inconsistent, a tool should try to pinpoint in which class the error is present. This annotation avoids then to show a wrong error message.