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Basic electrical components such as resistor, capacitor, transformer

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HeatingResistorObsolete model. Use Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.HeatingResistor instead

Model ObsoleteModelica3.​Electrical.​Analog.​Basic.​HeatingResistor
Obsolete model. Use Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.HeatingResistor instead


This is a model for an electrical resistor where the generated heat is dissipated to the environment via connector heatPort and where the resistance R is temperature dependent according to the following equation:

    R = R_ref*(1 + alpha*(heatPort.T - T_ref))

alpha is the temperature coefficient of resistance, which is often abbreviated as TCR. In resistor catalogues, it is usually defined as X [ppm/K] (parts per million, similarly to percentage) meaning X*1.e-6 [1/K]. Resistors are available for 1 .. 7000 ppm/K, i.e., alpha = 1e-6 .. 7e-3 1/K;

When connector heatPort is not connected, the temperature dependent behaviour is switched off by setting heatPort.T = T_ref. Additionally, the equation heatPort.Q_flow = 0 is implicitly present due to a special rule in Modelica that flow variables of not connected connectors are set to zero.

Extends from Modelica.​Electrical.​Analog.​Interfaces.​OnePort (Component with two electrical pins p and n and current i from p to n) and ObsoleteModelica3.​Icons.​ObsoleteModel (Icon for an obsolete model (use only for this case)).


ResistanceR_ref1Resistance at temperature T_ref
TemperatureT_ref300Reference temperature
Realalpha0Temperature coefficient of resistance


PositivePinpPositive electrical pin
NegativePinnNegative electrical pin

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