This package contains the space phasor connector and partial models for machine models.


Name Description
 SpacePhasor Connector for Space Phasors
 PartialBasicMachine Partial model for all machines
 PartialBasicInductionMachine Partial model for induction machine
 InductionMachines Interfaces and partial models for induction machines
 PartialBasicDCMachine Partial model for DC machine
 DCMachines Thermal ports of DC machines
 PartialBasicTransformer Partial model of three-phase transformer
 ThermalPortTransformer Thermal port of transformers
 PowerBalanceTransformer Power balance of transformers
 FlangeSupport Shaft and support


Main Authors:
Anton Haumer
Technical Consulting & Electrical Engineering
D-93049 Regensburg
email: a.haumer@haumer.at

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