Added 55 new components. In particular, added new package Thermal.HeatTransfer for modeling of lumped heat transfer, added model LossyGear in Mechanics.Rotational to model gear efficiency and bearing friction according to a new theory in a robust way, added 10 new models in Electrical.Analog and added several other new models and improved existing models.

New components

Continuous.Der Derivative of input (= analytic differentiations)
Examples Demonstration examples of the components of this package
Nonlinear.VariableLimiter Limit the range of a signal with variable limits
RealPort Real port (both input/output possible)
IntegerPort Integer port (both input/output possible)
BooleanPort Boolean port (both input/output possible)
SIMO Single Input Multiple Output continuous control block
IntegerBlockIcon Basic graphical layout of Integer block
IntegerMO Multiple Integer Output continuous control block
IntegerSignalSource Base class for continuous Integer signal source
IntegerMIBooleanMOs Multiple Integer Input Multiple Boolean Output continuous control block with same number of inputs and outputs
BooleanMIMOs Multiple Input Multiple Output continuous control block with same number of inputs and outputs of Boolean type
BusAdaptors Components to send signals to the bus or receive signals from the bus
RealToInteger Convert real to integer signals
IntegerToReal Convert integer to real signals
Max Pass through the largest signal
Min Pass through the smallest signal
Edge Indicates rising edge of Boolean signal
BooleanChange Indicates Boolean signal changing
IntegerChange Indicates integer signal changing
IntegerConstant Generate constant signals of type Integer
IntegerStep Generate step signals of type Integer
HeatingResistor Temperature dependent electrical resistor
OpAmp Simple nonideal model of an OpAmp with limitation
IdealCommutingSwitch Ideal commuting switch
IdealIntermediateSwitch Ideal intermediate switch
ControlledIdealCommutingSwitch Controlled ideal commuting switch
ControlledIdealIntermediateSwitch Controlled ideal intermediate switch
IdealOpAmpLimited Ideal operational amplifier with limitation
IdealOpeningSwitch Ideal opener
IdealClosingSwitch Ideal closer
ControlledIdealOpeningSwitch Controlled ideal opener
ControlledIdealClosingSwitch Controlled ideal closer
TLine1 Lossless transmission line (Z0, TD)
TLine2 Lossless transmission line (Z0, F, NL)
TLine2 Lossless transmission line (Z0, F)
Function Icon for a function
Record Icon for a record
Enumeration Icon for an enumeration
tempInterpol2 temporary routine for vectorized linear interpolation (will be removed)
Examples.LossyGearDemo1 Example to show that gear efficiency may lead to stuck motion
Examples.LossyGearDemo2 Example to show combination of LossyGear and BearingFriction
LossyGear Gear with mesh efficiency and bearing friction (stuck/rolling possible)
Gear2 Realistic model of a gearbox (based on LossyGear)
Conversions Conversion functions to/from non SI units and type definitions of non SI units
EnergyFlowRate Same definition as Power
EnthalpyFlowRate Real (final quantity="EnthalpyFlowRate", final unit="W")
Thermal.HeatTransfer 1-dimensional heat transfer with lumped elements
TriggeredSampler Triggered sampling of continuous signals
TriggeredMax Compute maximum, absolute value of continuous signal at trigger instants
BooleanMIRealMOs Multiple Boolean Input Multiple Real Output continuous control block with same number of inputs and outputs
RealMIBooleanMOs Multiple Real Input Multiple Boolean Output continuous control block with same number of inputs and outputs
TriggeredTrapezoid Triggered trapezoid generator
Hysteresis Transform Real to Boolean with Hysteresis
OnOffController On-off controller
Compare True, if signal of inPort1 is larger than signal of inPort2
ZeroCrossing Trigger zero crossing of input signal
Blocks.Multiplexer.Extractor Extract scalar signal out of signal vector dependent on IntegerRealInput index
Tables.CombiTable1Ds Table look-up in one dimension (matrix/file) with only single input

Package-specific Changes

Class-specific Changes


Removed final from quantity attribute for Mass and MassFlowRate.


Implemented avoiding algorithm section, which would lead to expensive function calls.


block Step "Generate step signals of type Real"
        parameter Real height[:]={1} "Heights of steps";
 // parameter Real offset[:]={0} "Offsets of output signals";
// parameter SIunits.Time startTime[:]={0} "Output = offset for time < startTime";
// extends Interfaces.MO          (final nout=max([size(height, 1); size(offset, 1); size(startTime, 1)]));
        extends Interfaces.SignalSource(final nout=max([size(height, 1); size(offset, 1); size(startTime, 1)]));


Replaced usage of built-in function exp by Modelica.Math.exp.


Interface definition changed from

    parameter Real table[:, :]=[0, 0; 1, 1; 2, 4] "Table matrix (time = first column)";


    parameter Real table[:, 2]=[0, 0; 1, 1; 2, 4] "Table matrix (time = first column)";

Did the same for subfunction getInterpolationCoefficients.

Bug in getInterpolationCoefficients for startTime <> 0 fixed:

                end if;
          end if;
          // Take into account startTime "a*(time - startTime) + b"
          b := b - a*startTime;
        end getInterpolationCoefficients;


block BooleanStep "Generate step signals of type Boolean"
        parameter SIunits.Time startTime[:]={0} "Time instants of steps";
        parameter Boolean startValue[size(startTime, 1)]=fill(false, size(startTime, 1)) "Output before startTime";
        extends Interfaces.BooleanSignalSource(final nout=size(startTime, 1));
        for i in 1:nout loop
//   outPort.signal[i] = time >= startTime[i];
          outPort.signal[i] = if time >= startTime[i] then not startValue[i] else startValue[i];
        end for;
end BooleanStep;


Corrected table of values and default for Beta by dividing them by 1000 (consistent with the values used in the NAND-example model):

Corrected parameter defaults, unit and description for TrapezoidCurrent. This makes the parameters consistent with their use in the model. Models specifying parameter values are not changed. Models not specifying parameter values did not generate trapezoids previously.

Icon layer background changed from transparent to white:

Basic.Transformer: Replaced invalid escape characters '\ ' and '\[newline]' in documentation by '|'.


Removed arrows and names documentation from flanges in diagram layer



Replaced reinit by initial equation


Bug corrected by using modifier stateSelect = StateSelect.prefer as implementation


Attribute fillColor=7 added to Rectangle on Icon layer, i.e., it is now filled with white and not transparent any more.


Replaced reinit by initial equation


Bug corrected by using modifier stateSelect = StateSelect.prefer as implementation


Use stateSelect = StateSelect.prefer.


Improved documentation and coordinate system used for example.


Replaced reinit by initial equation


Definition of connectors Surface_a and Surface_b:
flow SIunits.HeatFlux q; changed to flow SIunits.HeatFlowRate q;


Icon corrected.

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