Package Modelica.​Electrical.​Analog
Library for analog electrical models


This package contains packages for analog electrical components:

Main Authors:
Christoph Clauß <>
André Schneider <>
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
Design Automation Department
Zeunerstraße 38
D-01069 Dresden, Germany

Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Contents

BasicBasic electrical components
ExamplesExamples that demonstrate the usage of the Analog electrical components
IdealIdeal electrical elements such as switches, diode, transformer, operational amplifier
InterfacesConnectors and partial models for Analog electrical components
LinesLossy and lossless segmented transmission lines, and LC distributed line models
SemiconductorsSemiconductor devices such as diode, MOS and bipolar transistor
SensorsPotential, voltage, current, and power sensors
SourcesTime-dependent and controlled voltage and current sources

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