Package Modelica.​Media.​Interfaces
Interfaces for media models


This package provides basic interfaces definitions of media models for different kind of media.

Extends from Modelica.​Icons.​InterfacesPackage (Icon for packages containing interfaces).

Package Contents

ChoicesTypes, constants to define menu choices
PartialCondensingGasesBase class for mixtures of condensing and non-condensing gases
PartialLinearFluidGeneric pure liquid model with constant cp, compressibility and thermal expansion coefficients
PartialMediumPartial medium properties (base package of all media packages)
PartialMixtureMediumBase class for pure substances of several chemical substances
PartialPureSubstanceBase class for pure substances of one chemical substance
PartialRealCondensingGasesBase class for mixtures of real condensing and non-condensing gases
PartialSimpleIdealGasMediumMedium model of Ideal gas with constant cp and cv. All other quantities, e.g., transport properties, are constant.
PartialSimpleMediumMedium model with linear dependency of u, h from temperature. All other quantities, especially density, are constant.
PartialTwoPhaseMediumBase class for two phase medium of one substance
TemplateMediumTemplate for media models
TypesTypes to be used in fluid models

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