Logic to Boolean converter


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Conversion of a digital input into a Boolean output without any delay according to:

 input                 output
 'U'  (coded by 1)     false
 'X'  (coded by 2)     false
 '0'  (coded by 3)     false
 '1'  (coded by 4)     true
 'Z'  (coded by 5)     false
 'W'  (coded by 6)     false
 'L'  (coded by 7)     false
 'H'  (coded by 8)     true
 '-'  (coded by 9)     false

If the signal width is greater than 1 this conversion is done for each signal.

Parameters (1)



Type: Integer

Description: signal width

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