Partial model for a component with one translational 1-dim. shaft flange and a support used for graphical modeling, i.e., the model is build up by drag-and-drop from elementary components



This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This is a 1-dim. translational component with one flange and a support/housing. It is used e.g., to build up parts of a drive train graphically consisting of several components.

If useSupport=true, the support connector is conditionally enabled and needs to be connected.
If useSupport=false, the support connector is conditionally disabled and instead the component is internally fixed to ground.

Parameters (1)


Value: false

Type: Boolean

Description: = true, if support flange enabled, otherwise implicitly grounded

Connectors (2)


Type: Flange_b

Description: Flange of component


Type: Support

Description: Support/housing of component

Components (1)


Type: Fixed

Description: Fixed support/housing, if not useSupport