Control components for rectifiers

Package Contents


Generic control of 2*m pulse rectifiers


Control of 2 pulse bridge rectifier


Control of 2*m pulse bridge rectifier


Control of 2*m pulse center tap rectifier


PT1 + all-pass filter


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

A generic controller with signal input and 2*m firing signals is provided in Signal2mPulse, where m is the arbitrary number of phases. Additional topology specific controllers with electrical connectors are also included.


Each controller is equipped with an optional filter to filter the input voltages. By default the filter is enabled.

Such filter is needed if the electrical grid includes a significant voltage drop across the grid impedance distorting the input voltage wave form of the rectifier. The filter included in the PowerConverters library is first order filter with additional compensation of the filter specific phase lag. However, it important to note that the transients of the filters may cause some initial effects which deteriorate after certain periods.


The topology specific controllers allow enabling and disabling of the firing signals. The internal enabling signal of the controllers is either derived from the parameter constantEnable, if useConstantEnable = true. For if useConstantEnable = false the internal enabling signal is taken from the optional signal input enable.