Visualizing a set of lines as cylinders (e.g., used to display characters)


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

With model FixedLines a set of lines is defined that are located relatively to frame_a. Every line is represented by a cylinder. This allows to define simple shaped 3-dimensional characters. An example is shown in the following figure:

model Visualizers.FixedLines

The two letters "x" and "y" are constructed with 4 lines by providing the following data for parameter lines

   lines = {[0, 0; 1, 1],[0, 1; 1, 0],[1.5, -0.5; 2.5, 1],[1.5, 1; 2, 0.25]}

Via parameter vectors n_x and n_y a two-dimensional coordinate system is defined. The points defined with parameter lines are with respect to this coordinate system. For example "[0, 0; 1, 1]" defines a line that starts at {0,0} and ends at {1,1}. The diameter and color of all line cylinders are identical.

Parameters (1)


Value: true

Type: Boolean

Description: = true, if animation shall be enabled

Inputs (8)


Default Value: 1

Type: Real

Description: The 'lines' are visualized 'scale' times bigger


Default Value: {[0, 0; 1, 1], [0, 1; 1, 0]}

Type: Position[:,2,2] (m)

Description: List of start and end points of cylinders resolved along n_x and n_y


Default Value: 0.05

Type: Distance (m)

Description: Diameter of the cylinders defined by lines


Default Value: {0, 0, 0}

Type: Position[3] (m)

Description: Position vector from origin of frame_a to the origin of the 'lines' frame, resolved in frame_a


Default Value: {1, 0, 0}

Type: Real[3]

Description: Vector in direction of x-axis of 'lines' frame, resolved in frame_a.


Default Value: {0, 1, 0}

Type: Real[3]

Description: Vector in direction of y-axis of 'lines' frame, resolved in frame_a.


Default Value: {0, 128, 255}

Type: Color

Description: Color of cylinders


Default Value: world.defaultSpecularCoefficient

Type: SpecularCoefficient

Description: Reflection of ambient light (= 0: light is completely absorbed)

Connectors (1)


Type: Frame_a

Description: Coordinate system in which visualization data is resolved

Components (2)


Type: World


Type: Lines